What is Craft Hangout?

We started Craft Hangout to combine our love for making fun things with solutions to some of the road blocks we encountered firsthand—frustration of feeling trapped, experiencing creative exhaustion, issues with time management, and inspiration obstacles (to name a few!). We noticed other people with the same problems, and we decided to share our own tips & tricks on staying inspired and motivated, as well as building an inclusive community of like-minded people. Through conversations and explorations on key topics that apply to YOU, creative challenges for the whole tribe to do together, and interviews with guests to gain additional perspective, we are here to make a difference in YOUR life. Because whether you’re a craft hustler or a craft hobbyist, you’re going to want to be part of our hangout.

We will help you get better at your craft, stay inspired, improve practices, find more time to work on your craft, and even challenge yourself to try new things—ALL while having fun hanging out with us!

What do we mean by "craft"?

We are referring to an activity involving skill in making things by hand. Although we mean primarily visual and decorative arts, if you feel like your jam fits in, please hang with us, too!

About your hosts:


Eliza Kapitan

Craft Hustler, Sister-in-Law


Eliza is a seasoned professional accessories designer and artist in NYC. In 2014, she began creating deliciously whimsical and fun jewelry by hand after long days designing on a computer at a corporate office. After her day job, she would work on the fun stuff, handcrafting the cutest pieces with fun colors, sparkle, and a sense of humor. She did it for the love of the craft, and when too many people she didn’t know asked where they could buy Love Eliza jewelry (especially when some of her drinking necklaces were featured on Real Housewives of New York), Love Eliza, LLC was born. Besides jewelry design, she loves painting, drawing, marker rendering, customizing sneakers, textile/apparel art, sculpting in air dry clay, making insane toys, and is down for trying any new supply she finds at Michael’s. Eliza is proof that you can have a creative day job and balance a craft side hustle, all while being happy working both.



Katie Kapitan

Craft Hobbyist, Sister-in-Law

Katie is a full-time nurse and has a hectic schedule, but when she wants to unwind, she loves to craft. She likes trying different kinds of projects but enjoys painting and fashion crafts the most. Her favorite pieces to date include appliqué fringe boots and a t-shirt she made for her 4-year old niece. Katie is happy to have crafting as a hobby and a release from her demanding job in the medical field.


Sam Furner

Craft Hustler, Best Friend

Sam is a right-brainer working full-time in a left-brain environment. Even though she has a corporate job while earning her MBA in finance, Sam is obsessed with making all kinds of amazing fine art pieces and hustles them via social media. She oozes creativity and is always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. Her favorite crafts include painting, making jewelry, and collage.


How did we get here?

A note from Eliza:


I’ve always been interested in hand crafting, so I decided to try making a crafting community and podcast. I was frustrated by the lack of resources out there and knew there was a better way. I made Craft Hangout to help other people with the same problem. Sure, there were plenty of tutorials and people out there there showing off their creations, but everything I found seemed to be one-sided and not inclusive.

I started this hustle because I noticed there was a combination of craft hustlers and craft hobbyists out there looking to be part of an inclusive community who understands their struggles and joys. There didn’t seem to be anyone else doing anything about it, so I made Craft Hangout to give these crafters a home-base and a place to score creative insight.

To get the perfect POV, I grabbed Katie (a craft hobbyist with a full-time job in the medical field) & Samantha (a craft hustler with a full-time left-brain desk job). Together, we are here to help our community get better at whatever they are working on and have fun hanging with us.

Let’s hangout and get crafty!